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February 01, 2011



For once, I'm speechless. What?!?! This is heart breaking.


Thanks so much for posting this! Heartbreaking. Revolting.

Will keep following this story. And I will be praying.


UNBELIEVEABLE!! This is shocking. I can't even formulate a response to this. The words "seared conscience" are all that come to mind.


While the actions of a single Planned Parenthood staffer should be taken into question, many Planned Parenthood staffers sensed this was a hoax and called the FBI. They took responsibility. Do not let the actions of one employee discredit the good this organization does for many woman. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/01/fbi-planned-parenthood-hoax-suspects_n_817201.html


I'm not a fan of Planned Parenthood, but I'm also not a fan of agenda-driven half-truths.

As Michelle noted above, Planned Parenthood did in fact notify authorities, despite the fact that they suspected this was a hoax--which it was.

Which begs the question--what kind of organization undercovers as sex traffickers?
Not one that I would quote on my blog.

"Falsely claiming sex trafficking to health professionals to advance a political agenda is an astoundingly cynical form of political activity."


Rachael Starke


Respectfully, there are now 2 separate videos, with word that more will be released tomorrow (Friday). Given that Planned Parenthood cares so much for women, and is no doubt aware that such lawbreakers may come looking for their services, surely their people are regularly, rigorously trained to defend women and minors when these lawbreakers visit them?

Surely there are swaths of documents, processes, policies that clearly teach PP workers to protect women and girls who are brought to them, from these entirely illegal, exploitative, evil men? Surely there are at least the same number of published processes and policies which warn their staff of the consequences for failing to protect and defend these women and girls from their exploiters, and to not even give the appearance of enablement (for fear of guaranteed public reprisal).

Any organization that sought to care for the wellbeing of women and children would do no less to actively protect them from danger.

May God grant the perpetrators eyes to see the depth of their sin, and may that drive them to the cross, where there is an ever greater depth of mercy and forgiveness in Jesus.

Ellen Kim

Did anyone report this LPN to New Jersey State Board of Nursing? Let them investigate this nurse. Unbelieveable action on part of this nurse.


This was not the actions of 'one lousy' employee, but THE CLINIC DIRECTOR! She's the one in charge.

Also, this type of crap is not exclusive to the NJ location. It's happening at other locations.

Kristin, it's NOT advancing a political agenda to uncover the tactics and morally wrong behavior of an organization receiving my tax dollars! If something is WRONG, then it's WRONG. Are we not to question any organization? Is it some sacred cow?!

Phoebe Nelsonj

I went to Planned Parenthood when I didn't have health insurance to get my annual Pap Smear. I found them to be professional and helpful. They provide an affordable way for women to get check ups and access to birth control.

Michele Wolam

Hi Phoebe,
A lady named Abby Johnson, a former planned parenthood director, wrote a book called, "Unplanned." In this book she states that of the women who are at a planned parenthood clinic for the purpose of getting an abortion, 50% of them were using some form of birth control. Planned parenthood knows that 50% of their clients who come to them for birth control will be back for an abortion. By providing reproductive health care and birth control, they develop a relationship with their clients and their clients will more than likely choose planned parenthood as their abortion provider.
Planned parenthood does not provide mammograms. As for affordable GYN exams without health insurance, many other clinics and doctors are available, clinics and doctors who are not in the abortion business.

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