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February 08, 2011



Thanks for posting these. I was just talking to my husband about issues of poverty and population in countries like Bangladesh. That was a good reminder that overall the percentage of poor people has fallen as our population has risen.

Bob O'Connor

I find in reading those sites that say that population problems are a myth that their evidence is very sparse and inconclusive. Recently I read Book 1 of the free e-book series "In Search of Utopia" (http://andgulliverreturns.info), it blasts their lack of evidence relative to their calling overpopulation a myth. The book, actually the last half of the book, takes on the skeptics in global warming, overpopulation, lack of fresh water, lack of food, and other areas where people deny the evidence. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see the whole picture read the book, at least the last half.
The outdated fertility replacement rate of 2.1 is also clarified.
Meanwhile the actual number of poor and starving people is increasing. It may be convenient to us see the PRI video, but the facts reveal a major problem in overpopulation.
It might be wise to research PRI. It is funded largely by the far right Bradley group ( See Media Transparency). The far right business interests deny global warming, in spite of the huge preponderance of evidence for it. They disregard famines.
Remember that 'non-profit' does not mean charitable or impartial--only that they don't pay taxes!

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