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February 21, 2011



Thanks for this reminder to pray and fast.. I needed it!


Thank you very much for this post. It is really helpful.


Thank you! That is a very encouraging message.
I am so torn about marriage. I'm over 40 and never married and although I long for a companion, I also see the beauty of singleness. I'm almost afraid to ask too hard for a mate because it might be a case of 'get what you asked for', but I know God is faithful and would not bring someone into my life who was not compatible. You know, it's like the old Christian adage; don't ask for something like patience because you will be sorry for it later. lol..same theory applies.

John Rowland


Allow me to make a comment, please. I am (as I believe you know -- but I will repeat for the sake of others) a 59 year old widower. I married late, my wife was 29 and I was 32 when we married. She was a darling, godly woman who wanted to, and did, live out Titus 2. I have now been single about two years and know that I need a helpmeet to finish my race. There is a Ruth out there for me, but I have been "kicked in the pants" to not be passive, expecting for her to just show up at my doorstep (or at my feet, as with Boaz)... and this is not a covert appeal.

Here is the deal.

I must pursue excellence some specific things as long as I am able. I don't want to just sit on the porch and watch the sun set. What I find, however, in various online interactions, is that many women are looking for someone to kinda just "enjoy life with." Women who want to help a man be all God has called him to be are a distinct minority! Almost not even on the radar screen!

I don't have a solution for this except to pray and keep pursuing my responsibilities and callings. At first blush, though, this is how the landscape -- at least the landscape that is in plain sight -- reads to me, right or wrong.


John Rowland

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