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March 22, 2011


John Rowland

Straight, no chaser. Thanks for telling it like it is, Carolyn, and for the included video and Jennifer Moses quote.

Hallee the Homemaker

I just did a series of articles on modesty and sexuality in teen girls, so this is kind of a timely cap for me on all of it. I push modesty with my (14-year-old) daughter. I've often sent her upstairs to change. It's funny how I've never backed down, and now she's starting to make good decisions with modesty in mind. She's appalled at friends' clothes and will tell me about it. Children have more sense that we give them credit for, a lot of times. We shouldn't be afraid to educate them.



This article perfectly sets up an obviousism but then, as our godless liberal media is wont to do, utterly shuns it: herein lies one of the primary protective values of male leadership (yes, authority) in the family.

What woman does not want her daughter to be radiant, captivating, beautiful, attractive to both the boys and girls around her, cute.... and what woman typically would NOT work toward that end?? This is naturally feminine mothering. It would be unnatural, even un-Godly, for her to think: "I want to maintain my daughter homely, reclusive."

But she needs to submit herself to her husband for that elusive balance, for which this article so desperately clamors.

Most men - I daresay even non-Christian men - naturally know when to say "enough" when it comes to their blossoming daughters, or "this is appropriate for her guy friends to see but this is not!" HE well knows how the budding young masculinity around that beautiful young lady thinks, and plans. The mother and daughter in their God-given absence of masculinity, their innocence of femininity, usually do not.

Here, at the heart of this article, is a blatant demonstration of Biblical truth. A mother's submissive assent to the value of her husband's leadership is not a curse, it's the cure.

Aimee Byrd

It would be nice to teach our daughters that our sexuality is a good thing, when it is not exploited and perverted. Our femininity and sexuality speaks to much more than the genitally oriented nature our culture has reduced it to. As Christian moms, we know both the beauty and role God has blessed women with and should encourage young ladies with our own confidence in the gospel. If we can work on their hearts and understanding, they may gain some discernment on their own as they mature and are away from our supervision.


I thought the original article--and the ensuing discussion--have been VERY interesting. But I hadn't seen the video, till now. Thanks for posting.

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