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May 18, 2011



Hi Caroline, I am a great believer in the Sabbath rest. I started to practice it halfway through medical school when I was exhausted and not coping. I first kept coming up with lots of scriptures about Sabbath rest and was also encouraged by the examples of a few others. I started to keep a Sabbath rest which became a refuge and enabled me to break my worklife into manageable 6 day chunks. The fact that I did not allow myself to study or work on a Sunday also freed me from the "I really should be studying right now" trap which can disturb you even if you are resting. Except for being on duty at the hospital, which is unavoidable on some Sundays, I have kept the Sabbath for the last 17 years, even during major exams and deadlines. It has helped me to stay sane and to keep going where I would otherwise have burnt out a long time ago. Praise God for his kind provision of the blessing of the Sabbath rest.


That is an excellent take on the meaning of Sabbath that I had never looked at. Thanks so much for the meaty food for thought. I will for sure be taking this to my quiet time. I think it is one of the most important messages Christian face at the present age. Having recently been forced down due to health issues and a surgery, I have realized how little I rest and why spending quality time with the Lord was such a stress point for me. Thanks for your post.

Christy Tennant

What a wonderful reminder - one I need constantly. I find it quite a battle to live in a healthy and holy rhythm of work and rest, and this unhealthy rhythm often leaves me agitated, impatient, and frustrated. Not to mention frustratING for those around me! Over the past few years, I have had "every intention" of making some huge changes to my work and rest rhythms, but have not followed through. Perhaps this reminder will be the final straw? I pray so... now, off to listen to Tim Keller's talk. Thank you for how you always encourage me upward, Carolyn. You are a gift!

Tawn O'Connor

I remember an energetic friend who became ill for a time. When she asked the Lord why He was allowing this sickness, he answered, "These are all the Sabbaths you didn't keep." (A word about tone: when she told the story, this did not come across as punitive, but rather as a word of faith that led her to a better balance of work and rest.)


Sabbath rest has kept me sane for many years! I chuckle at Hebrews 4:10, which talks about working so that we can enter into rest, because it does take discipline to carve out time to rest. I love the picture that Sabbath is of our relationship to Jesus--there are so many great analogies that make sense because of that picture. You've summed its value up well. Thanks.


One more thing...my Pastor, Thabiti, posted this link on his blog just days before this post. As I told him, I think the Lord is laying it on all of our hearts to be wise and put Him first!


Thank you for this post Carolyn; these are very important thougths. I'm only wondering why so many Christians are keeping Sunday instead of Sabbath...

Jeannette Paulson

Thanks, Carolyn, for cutting deep with this post. The subject is close to my heart and I am thrilled to see it discussed more broadly in the evangelical community. I discussed it shortly on my own blog and gave the link.

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