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May 07, 2011



I could not agree more with this post!!


What a great article. I am a wife, but not a mom, and it pains me to see women uphold motherhood as some trophy or prize to attain. I respect mothers, and am glad to honor them on Mother's Day, but motherhood is not the end-all. Our relationship with God should be first. Thank you for the reminder.


Oh wow, you know I appreciate the way you took the time to acknowledge and address single women in this article. For some reason alot of people seem to think that not being able to have children is a longing that just married women have. Married or single, you are a woman and as we know just by looking at our bodies, we are designed to have children, so for single women it isn't always necessarily the longing for a companion but also to carry out and live the essence of your femininty, the very thing that sets you apart from men which is having kids and just like a married woman having fertility problems and feeling the pain each time their invited to a kiddie's birthday party, sibgle women can feel that pain too.
I am single and each time I see a pregnant woman I look on wondering if its something I'll ever to get to experience. I try not to dwell on it all the time and do encourage myself by reminding myself that my ultimate goal is to grow to maturity in Christ and once I'm sitted at His feet in eternity whether my desires are granted or denied me, they will never compare.

hannah anderson

Thank you for the link to Wendy's article. I too have been wrestling with exactly this issue lately: how do we disciple women a way that extends past roles and develops the inner woman? I am a sometimes pastor's wife (always the wife, the pastoring is on-hold momentarily)and have been pretty concerned that a lot of young women seem to be adopting biblical application without truly understanding the gospel behind it. This produces a lot of tired, emotionally and spiritually drained moms and wives on the one hand, and a number of discouraged singles on the other. We've seriously got to put the gospel back into "biblical womanhood" and realize the depth of what that truly means.

Chalise @ Memphis Misfit Mama

I read and posted Wendy's blog post the other day and it brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my single friends who long to be moms and my married friends who long to be moms but are struggling with infertility. We do have an eternal calling! Thanks for that reminder.

"adopting biblical application without truly understanding the gospel behind it."

hannah anderson (4th comment) nails the issue precisely above. However noble the intention, it is truly troubling when the church is just fine with teaching practical "role" application to women (time management, how to do laundry, patience with young kids, why to have sex frequently with hubby, how to dress modestly, etc) but reserve teaching "theology proper" (nature / character of God) for discipleship classes with men only. Knowing God rightly is the only true ground for godly character.

The fruit of the Spirit is just that - fruit that overflows from being indwelt by and submitted to the Holy Spirit. It isn't just a set of character traits that one determines to get good at. It is beyond sad when we who love grace so much in our overall theology are content to reduce gender roles to legalistic behavioral prescriptions. Biblical womanhood is being a woman who is a disciple of Christ - no more and no less. Biblical masculinity is being a man who is a disciple of Christ - no more and no less. That doesn't mean that there aren't differences between men and women [less J Ligon Duncan or Susan Hunt jump up to condemn "androgynous discipleship" :-) ] but it does mean that if I am wholeheartedly pursuing Christ, I will become the man or woman I was meant to be - no need to add in a lot of extra rules!

Recently advertised was the ladies seminar “A Woman and Her Emotions: How Do You Feel About Your Feelings?” Now I'm sure the content will be sound but can you imagine such a seminar title for men? "A Man and His Emotions: How Do You Feel About Your Feelings?" Who would attend? Not being someone who tends to be highly emotionally driven (my weaknesses tend to go in the opposite direction) and having heard that kind of talk myriad times at women's meetings, it holds little appeal for me either. I'm waiting for the seminar titled: "A Woman and the Mind of God: How do you think about your thought life?" Exploring what it means to take every thought captive - learning prayerfully to "have the mind of Christ" in all of our responsibilities, roles, and relationships. I need to learn how to be content and discontent - rightly. To be ambitious and humble. To fight for justice for the oppressed and have a gentle and quiet spirit...

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