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June 12, 2011



Have you ever used lists of friends? I think your method sounds far more permanent and professional, but for me it has worked well to group my friends into "friend lists" and then designating the default for my updates and photos as only going to my "close buds", "family", and "old friends" lists. Everyone else is "other" and doesn't see much past my basic info. Admire you for your kindness in writing to them all personally!


This is such a fun topic for me! As a web developer, I integrate facebook into websites and know the "ins" and "outs" of the database. (Yes, it is a database.) I belong to an online group of developers that I like to find loopholes in Facebook's code. I do have a personal account too and use it quite frequently. In short, I love to hate Facebook and acknowledge what I'm about to say is a little hypocritical.

When you think about Facebook, think about giving someone a bit of information that you have limited control over what they'll do with it. Pictures for example. If you are able to get the url for your facebook picture. Not the one at the top of your browser, the picture has a url by itself. You will be able to view that picture when you are logged off Facebook. Furthermore, if you delete, that photo, it may disappear from your feed. However, that photo url will still be valid. It usually takes 2 months for a photo to be deleted from Facebook. Now that you have a glimpse how you don't have control over the information you put into Facebook, think about how you use that information. I usually tell my co-workers to put information on Facebook that they would only be comfortable hearing at a Christmas dinner (without the family fight!). We'll often don't know who would be in someone's "friend's" list. Boss, pastor, mother, grandmother. We often put "inside jokes" type content that may be done in jest, but can embarrassing if your grandmother/mother/pastor found out. If it doesn't pass the Christmas dinner test, it doesn't belong on Facebook.
I know this is a long rant. Facebook has a lot of good qualities and usefulness. I have connected with many high school friends I would have lost touch with otherwise. Despite its usefulness, we have to remember that we limited control over the information on our Facebook account. So, have fun, put chose your content wisely.


I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't comment there. You asked about summer reading--I recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It isn't a light "beach book" and you may have read it already, but it's excellent.


I love the incredible ministry opportunities facebook has provided. I got to lead a girl to Christ not long ago over facebook chat. There are so many ways to use it as a ministry and I praise God for how He is using it to change lives and give a ministry outlet to stay at home moms.

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