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July 22, 2011


Courtney P.

Great article,Lust is a human problem not a male problem. Sometimes the way it manifest itself is different between men and women, but it is still lust. For many young women including myself emotional impurity is a huge deal and the Lord shined a light on that in my life at around age 19, even though I living a lifestyle of purity (physically) God is calling us to a more excellent way :) Now at 23 I share what the Lord has done in my Life Praise God

Irene Renteria

Every woman needs to read this article:
Lust: Not for Men Only


"Not one item is sold in the mall without an erotic image."

We obviously go to different malls.

Feminine lust might be addressed in my church's youth classes, but I've never heard it mentioned in a sermon. Good post.


I concur with Irene's comment and thank you for addressing "that modesty message" taken from 1 Corinthaians 10:32. This has always been one of my church pet peeves. It has always been preached and received by the church as "don't tempt men" but as you have correctly said, it is incomplete and doesn't just apply to men, infact its not just limited to lust and sex alone but thats another topic for another day.
Great article.


This is a great article. Thanks for using your gift to write material such as this.
I work for a ministry called Living Waters Canada (central region) that specifically deals with all areas of relational and sexual brokenness. Culture is so saturated with sexuality and the false gods, the idols, the church really does need to be the redemptive voice that rises above cultural "normalcy". Thank you!

The Graceful Wife

Thank you for the terrific post!

Jane Hinrichs

Fabulous, fabulous post! Wow. I concur with all that has been commented before me. I strongly dislike the "don't tempt men" thing when lust can be a sin anyone deals with. That "don't tempt men" goes back to thinking men just somehow can't control themselves and they somehow are the victims of temptresses. Fooey! Did Jesus lust? No. We have the mind of Christ. Sinful lust is never someone else's problem if we are dealing with it. It is our problem. And this post takes that silly barrier away that says -- men are victims to lust and women are the temptresses. Thank you! Everyone ought to read this.

Steve Cornell

Good advice! This must be heard more widely.

Steve Cornell


a very inspirational and enlightening article. true, lust is not just a men problem. Let us continue to pray for one another, building up and edifying the church.

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