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September 19, 2011



Thank you for writing this post. I wrote in my personal blog just yesterday about this very issue I'm facing and I'm so glad God answered my question through your post. I find myself distancing from God because of the prayers over many years for a husband went unanswered while many Christian friends around me are blessed with marriage. I find excuses to not go to friends gatherings if they are composed of mostly couples. I feel out of space in many social situations because of my status.

Your post serves as a great reminder that I should not be treating this issue like an idol. It shouldn't dominate my life and I should be aware of God's blessings in other aspects of my life.



Amen Sister! Indeed, we should never allow our desire for a companion consume our life. We are not defined by our marital status after all! I can also recommend this link: http://rubiviews.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/surviving-singleness-why-opposites-attract-ii-9-7-11/

john bautista

Yea i agree with the above statements. i definitely don't think that we should be consumed. in fact, the idea of living this life just wishing and hoping for a spouse is not the point of life and can become idolatry.
what do you think about this article??

The Pursuit-Being a Woman after the Heart of God http://bit.ly/q7oQI8 Guest Blog by @CoffeewithBetty

she is another blogger.

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