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October 18, 2011



Not forgotten nor forsaken...thanks for your encouragement

Denise Towe

I know several people, including myself, that needed to hear this Word this week.....I hope they check it out. Thank you for this word and your book, read it from cover to cover and came away much more informed that when I started...I thought I was unaffected by the feminist movement & found out I was wrong....I just needed some tweaking :)


My favourite movie is "Facing the Giants" and one of the lines in it is "If God does (give us what we desire) will you still love Him?" Like Heather says, I think this is a challenge for every believer, do we trust His omniscientness over our own feelings and current perspective?

Thanks for the reminder to look at the times in our lives when God has rescued us, delivered His promises, been faithful. Those are what gets us through the next challenge, and the next. I've always liked how God told Joshua to set altars all over the land so that God's miracles would be told throughout the generations.

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