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December 29, 2011



Thank you so much for posting this article! I am a single young woman heading into foreign missions and this is an issue I have lately been wrestling with. My heart is in church planting among unreached people groups, but I've wondered how or even IF I can help with that as a single woman. This post was so helpful and encouraging. I want so much to be like Lydia and Phoebe! Thanks for inspiring me in this vision of biblical womanhood... I am excited afresh about the amazing opportunity our gracious God gives us to join His kingdom work, and the unique, feminine ways I can join that work as His beloved daughter!


Very encouraging! Thanks so much. As a single person it's sometimes hard to know how much of a role I'll be allowed to play, if there will inevitably be a limit to what I can do, and sometimes experiences haven't been so positive. Your examples from Scripture are great reminders that all of us in the Body of Christ have been given a role in furthering the Kingdom. And it's not about others dictating in what capacity singles can lead, but God.

Mali - swedish single mom

Thank's for the encouragement!! As a single mom, I just want to say thanks, I really had to be reminded about Lydia! All things are possible with God! :D

Jocelyn H

While I was single I felt really lost and at times useless in my new church. My church was already established so I didn't feel very needed. Thank you for these encouraging words to remind me that there are ways to be bold and serve in singleness like these women who have been so lovingly highlighted in God's word. Woo hoo!!


Thank you so much for this article. I am currently living in South Asia as a cper among an unreached people group. Right now I am alone in the city waiting for another couple to arrive and often wonder what in the world I am doing here! This was such an encouragement as I look to the New Year and what the Father is going to do.


Thanks for this article! It has been helpful for me to read. 5 months ago I joined a CP team in central asia, as a single woman, I have been wondering how I can contribute to the team and the plant. I have definitely gained some helpful insights from what you have written. I want to be like Phoebe!

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