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February 18, 2012



Thank you for posting this. I went to Cuba in 2004 (Holguin) on a missions trip and my heart breaks for that country. It's my favorite place I've been to and I would love to go back someday.

Joelle Chilcott

Thank you for this beautiful short film. I am Canadian and have the freedom to travel to Cuba any time. I have been there twice in the past 10 months and am planning to return in a few months. My husband and I have fallen in love with the people and each time we return we bring tracts and Bibles as well as many other necessities. The people are very open to discussing and sharing in the Word. We have even had the honour and blessing to witness to this one particular fellow (Ernesto) who accepted the Lord when we were there. We cannot always see the fruit of our deeds, but when we do, it is truly a gift from G-d. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry.

H.L. Jackson

My wife and I were in Cuba in November/December 2011 with a small group on a vision trip to visit with the Los Pinos Nuevos churches in Havana, Placetas and Holguin. There is a strong and beautiful community of believers there, who are rediscovering the theology of grace after decades of a strong legalistic influence within the christian communities on the island. For 10 days, we visited in homes, prayed and worshiped with our brothers and sisters across the island and saw in person how God is advancing his kingdom and drawing his chosen people to him through Christ.

We will be returning in June to assist the congregation in Holguin as they seek to obey the call to train faithful men and women and send them out to the rest of the island. Please pray for Pastor Alfredo Forhans and his family as they struggle to minister to Christ's bride, without a permanent home, personal vehicle or a central location in which to preach and teach. Pray that our brothers and sisters will experience God's grace and mercy each day as they live together in difficult circumstances, sharing their possessions and meeting each others' needs while loving the people of their city.

Walt Hollander

Thanks for this very true picture of Cuba and her people; much different from the all-too common misconceptions of it being all about beaches and resorts. I am a Canadian and am married to a Cuban seƱora and she is all I could hope for in a loving, caring and devoted wife.


Love this. I've been to Cuba to do some religious work 8 times, and in the process fell in love with an amazing Cuban man of God. We are currently working toward the fiance visa to get married in the fall. God is good everywhere, but I seem to be better able to see Him in Cuba. Beautifully tragic. Thanks for reminding people that they're out there.

Nikki (Niurka)

I am from Cuba. Born in Marianao, Cuba and came to the United States in 1968 at 3 yrs of age. I long to return to my native country to meet family I don't remember, to tell them their 97 yr old sister/aunt/great aunt still lives (my grandmother), that my mother passed from cancer almost 4 yrs ago, and share God's word in my native tongue. What a beautiful day that will be before I leave this earth. I applaud you all for your servant hearts, sharing God's love, and His word with my fellow brothers and sisters in Cuba.

I would love to know as a Cuban how I can travel there soon. Though I am Naturalized American I have heard that Cuba does not recognize me as American, so it makes matters more difficult to travel there. Anxious to hear differently.


Where do you live in the USA, Niurka?

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