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April 02, 2012


Mindy G

So glad you referenced this tool!I'm looking forward to exploring it.

Robbin E

Discipling another can be a huge challenge! Many years ago I wrote a dear friend a long "love" letter that lead to telling her that the burdens she bore could be lifted by Jesus if she would only accept salvation. Unfortunately, she was highly offended and took the letter as judgment rather than the spirit (or Spirit) in which it was intended. We had a serious falling out that has since been mended, but at the time, there was a lot of pain on both sides. I only wanted to show her the Way and she only wanted me to respected and validate who she was.
I spoke to one of our pastors at church to get some guidance on how I should proceed. I was desperate to ensure that my error would not eternally distance my friend, whom I love, from the Savior.
He gave me advice that has proven true over the last couple of decades:
"Live your message and when people are ready they will ask." God has specifically designed your path and experience to build you for the ministry opportunities He has planned for you. Anything other than your heart and sharing your experience with Him is icing on the cake. You would never serve a cake to company without the icing, but you have to make sure the cake is good first.

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