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March 19, 2013


Romi Jain

Dear Carolyn McCulley,

I liked your article, especially the conclusion.

Today, when promiscuity is rife, it feels good to come across such articles. Though some men and women are okay with remaining single by not getting married,they feed their carnal desires through casual sex or live-in-relationship mechanism.
I'm virgin and am unmarried, and even if I don't come across my life partner, I will remain committed to virginity for sure. It is an irony that while sex workers get sympathy from so-called feminists, ladies like me are never appreciated for their ideals by these very feminists, since virginity to them is a patriarchal way to subjugate women! In other words,to them there is no such thing as purity or impurity, and female liberty consists in doing whatever a female wants to do with her body!


Thank you. Really love your attitude and values displayed here. Echos and builds what the Lord has been teaching me as an older single. Keep it coming, dear sister!

Terry R

As a single woman for the last 35 years, I have to say: true, true, and true again. Thank you for sharing your insight. It helps, it truly does.


Amen. Very encouraging post. The temptation to think "what's wrong with me" or "maybe I should move to a bigger city" is ever present as the years pass by and many of my friends get married. I think recognizing one's identity in Christ is key to fighting this lie that Satan would have us women believe. Because Christ died in our place, all of the "curses" due us a result of our sin, have been placed on Him, and we in turn reap the blessings He secured for us through His death and resurrection. We aren't single because we're undesirable or live in the wrong zip code, we're single because this is God's will for us right now. We're called to trust Him in the midst of the waiting (often challenging) and pray for grace to honor Him/grow us in Christ likeness in the season He has us in (and at the same time we can be praying that He will orchestrate the circumstances by which we will meet and marry our future husbands). I thank God for using you Carolyn to encourage your siblings in Christ.

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