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April 12, 2013



My heart feels the pain and horror of abortion while reading this. Let's put an end to abortion!


Carolyn, thank you for posting on this. I also have followed this since the raid so long ago. I had been appalled by the lack of coverage, not only from the media, but from christians as well. Most people in my church have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention this. Unfortunately, there is another new documentary that was screened at Sundance, about the five remaining doctors who do late-term abortions in the U.S. It celebrates their "heroic" service to women. ABC shows clips from it on their website.


Thank you for posting this. Although it made me both sad and angry to watch it, I am thankful to be aware of this tragedy.

It makes me more committed to supporting the kinds of women who would resort to seeking treatment in a Gosnell clinic. I can't imagine the sense of desperation and hopelessness that a woman must experience to remain - and receive treatment - in a clinic where there is blood on the floor and chairs.

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