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June 23, 2013



All very good ideas.

An additional danger to your point about including how the job fulfils your goals and interests in applications: Accidentally showing gaps in your understanding

I commonly see people write such things in the resumes or cover letters that are sent to the company where I work. Very often they show a fundamental misunderstanding of what the company is like/what we do or include career goals they are unlikely to achieve in our business or even our industry. If I have any indication through mistakes such as these that the applicant hasn't done their research, isn't interested in a company like ours, and/or is just sending out bulk generic applications, the more likely I am to not progress their application to the next phase of the recruitment process

Stephanie B

These are excellent, excellent things to keep in mind for those just entering the workforce... and even for those of us who have been around a while. Thanks for pulling these together- very practical!

victoria g

Can't wait for the book! Thank you for your wisdom and straight-forwardness.

Gary Shogren

As always, great advice for women and men.

You give some great tips on verbal communication.

In sermons, teaching, other communication, I often use the logic of giving my "answer", briefly, right up front, then telling what problem I was trying to solve, then a detailed solution. Solution-Problem-Solution. I think it helps the listeners. Too often preachers will start with a vague intro and it takes too long to figure out where they are going with it.


Oh how I loved this article and the practical wisdom contained within it. Stellar.

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